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1930 Ford Roadster

Stunning, Custom Build!
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1930 Ford Roadster
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About This Ford
1930 Ford Roadster
VIN #: A3588743
Stock #: A3588743
Used Clear Title
Rear Wheel Drive
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Vehicle History Report

Vehicle Overview

                                     1930 Ford Roadster

                                        Custom Build 

                             Contact Jim at: 818-648-5223

                                                1930 Ford Roadster            

                                             Chassis and Suspension

1) The frame is a T.C.I. Model "A" reproduction that has been raised and narrowed in the rear.

2) The center Crossmember is a custom "K" member. It is made from 1/8 inch steel box tubing with stamped 1/8-inch U-channel legs about 2 plus feet long. The trans mount is intergraded into this through bungs installed in the Crossmember in order to pass the brake line and 2 fuel lines through it. The 6:1 ratio brake pedal / Corvette master cylinder is intergraded into the Crossmember as well. Everything was Tig Welded and partially ground smooth (metal finished).

3) The rear Jag. Crossmember is custom. It has been raised and re-angled for the correct pinion angle. The rear shock tubes are centered and thicker tubing than normal. There are gussets in the corners. everything was Tig-Welded and partially ground smooth. Shock tubes are tack welded.

4) The rear suspension is a l-inch per side. narrowed 3.8 Sedan Jag. The lower control arms have been lowered l-inch at the shocks. The hub carriers are custom made (chromed steel, Dan Woods's look-a-likes) with over 60 hours in them alone. There is over 50 hours in reshaping, smoothening, etc. that has been done on the rear-end itself. There are 4 Billet Aldan shocks with chromed progressive wound variable-rate springs. The rear cover is a Polished Quick-Change style from Speedway Motors. The Drive hubs have both a 4 3/4 & 4 1/2 Bolt patterns. The rear-end gears are 350:1- Posi. The brakes are polished 4-piston Willwood. The zink plated 1/2 -inch thick rotors have a groove machined in the middle. Most of the hardware is 12-point aircraft.

5) The front suspension is a Kugel LF.S. It is investment cast polished stainless steel show quality. Everything is either polished or chrome plated. The calipers are polished 4-piston Willwood's. It has a new TRW rack (black) with a chrome front sway bar. The front shocks match the rear (Billet Aldans with progressive wound variable-rate springs that are chrome). The Crossmember is Tig welded with partial metal finishing. The wheelbase is 1/2 inch longer than stock.

6) The Radiator mounting tabs were moved forward (l-inch) as well for a sleeker look.

7) The motor mounts are Tig-Welded and ground smooth on top. They allow a S.B.C. with side mounts to install effortlessly The mounts also allow the use of 4-tube full length headers.

8) The frame has been fully filed and or ground flat to an 80-grit D.A. finish (Grinder mode).

9) The chassis is primed in light gray enamel primer.


1) The engine is a 70's style 355ci. LT-1 Corvette 4-bolt main high nickel content block (lighter weight and stronger). (.030 over)

2) It has TRW 10 1/2:1 forged pistons, chrome molly rings, ARP rod bolts, and 5.7 High-Performance Chevrolet rods.

3) The crank is forged steel, the oil holes* have been chamfered, it has been knife sharpened and lightened.

4) It has an adjustable timing double roller timing chain with steel gears.

5) The early 194 F.I. heads have hard seats installed for the exhaust valves. The valve pockets accept up to a hefty .500 plus lift camshaft. The valve springs and retainers are high-performance. It has a set of 5:1 Comp Cams S.S. roller tip rockers.

6) The complete engine has been balanced *and blue printed by Valley Head Service.

7) The intake is a chrome plated aluminum Edelbrock medium rise.  

8) The Carburetor is an AFB 650cfm. with an electric choke. It has a 90-degree-6 AIN fitting for the fuel inlet.  

9) There is a low pressure (carb) Billet high-performance adjustable fuel pressure regulator with by pass and vacuum port. (Racing Pumps)

10) The Billet H20 Pump/timing cover combo are John Buterra built. He also made the billet under driven pulleys.

11) Zoops Billet Alt single pulley and fan kit.

12) Fuel pump block-off plate

13) There is a Zoops polished ALT. bracket, low mount style for sm. Case G.M. Alt.

14) There are flamed chrome aluminum valve covers that match the oval air cleaner and 8mm. spark plug wire racks.

15) Champion RC12YC spark plugs  

16) There is a Milodon high volume / high-pressure oil pump.

17) There are Lokar Stainless Steel throttle and transmission kick down cables for the carb.

18) S.SJ Billet dipstick for the engine block

29) Hex head ARP engine bolt kit.

20) Remote oil filter kit with Fram PH8A filter and (2) 90-degree fittings.

21) HEI distributor

22) Hitachi high perf. Gear-reduction starter.

23) High perf. fluid harmonic balancer


1) There is a built-up "T.H. 400 transmission"  

2) Short Gcnnie Shifter (floor style).

3) Custom shifter knob that matches the dash and steering column knobs. It is engraved with the shift pattern.

4) There is a chrome deep oil pan.

5) Floor boot

6) 31" custom made oil cooler (double pass) for A/N fittings.

7) Flex plate/torque converter bolt sets

                                         Gauges, Vents and Switches

1) Polished aluminum, ball milled, 6-gauge pack, from Dakota Digital Guages.

2) New headlight switch that has a built in dash light dimmer and 20 amp.braker.

3) H.D. Battery disconnect switch

4) New universal Ign. Switch

5) H.D. Trunk solenoid kit.

6) Custom labeled shrink tubing kit for the wiring.

7) 14" H.D. electric fan with aluminum mounting bracket and adj. control module.

                                                 Steering Column

1)Custom built Polished Billet Tilt column. The wires come out at the floor instead of the top. The turn signal lever has a High Beam switch integrated into it.

2) The billet steering column knobs match the shifter knob.

3) The steering wheel is a 14-inch Polished Billet Budnik Half Rap

4) The hub adaptor and horn button are polished Billet

aluminum. Blind mounting system. (Budnik).

5) There are polished billet upper and lower swivel column mounts. (Mullins).

                                              Wheels and Tires

1) Boyds Vintage 6 Polished Billet Wheels. 15 x 8 rear, 14 x 6 front.

2) Bf Goodrich tires all corners. 255 x 70R 15 rears, 185 x 70R 14 fronts.

3) Polished Billet flush mounted valve stems.

4) Billet Air filler and center cap wrench.

5) Wheels have been show polished both sides.

                                                  Other Billet Parts

1) (2)-Billet*Specialties outside and (1) inside mirror

2) Billet brake line clamps with S.S. Allen screws (3/16-inch).

3) Polished Billet Trunk prop rod kit.

4) Billet aluminum radiator cap

                                                   Hood Hinge Kit

Dan Fink side hinge, support and latch kit for a 3-piece hood


6" long taillights are flush L.E.D. type with controller (Gearhead)

                                                 Additional Pieces

1) S.S. -3 brake hoses for the front with billet through the frame fittings

2) Willwood Prop valve with -3 adapters installed.

3) Custom 13" radiator overflow with silver soldiered - 4 male ends installed.

4) S.S. '32 Ford grill insert with no crank hole, filled steel shell with hood lacing*and radiator mounting bolt kit.

5) Tight 4-tube 1 5/8" S & S performance headers with flange guards, flanges and gaskets

6) S.S. drive and half shaft domed covers.

7) Glide Adjustable Seat on tracks.

8) Under floor bead rolled aluminum floor panels.

9) Wood body mounting kit

10) Rubber shims and pads for wood blocks

11) Nut and bolt floor mounting kit.

                                                     Body and Fenders

1) 1931 Brookville Roadster body that has been modified at the firewall (3"recess), filled cowl and cowl band, Custom chopped 32 ford style chrome windshield with 1929/31 stanchions, custom fitted 1932 Ford roadster dash, filled side curtain mounting holes, rear deck modified to allow the seat to move backwards, 1928 roadster inside door handles, rumble seat floor, smooth trunk without handle, filled spare tire mounting holes, steel flat floor, steel trans tunnel.

2) 1931 steel fenders front and back.

3) Smooth steel aprons

4) Smooth steel running boards.

5) Running board and fender brackets.

6) 31/32 style gravel shield to work with 32 grill shell, shortened.

7) Everything body wise is finished in red oxide primer except for the grill shell

                                        *MISC. EXTRA INFORMATION*

                                              BODY AND FENDER:

1. The frame and all of the sheet metal (Brookville) have been powder coated, primed and painted.

2. The rear louvers are water proof.


Snow White water pump is used to raise the fan up for better cooling.

                                        CHASSIS AND SUSPENSION:

1. 20 gallon custom gas tank

2. 7/8 master cylinder for better braking.

Please contact Jim at: 818-648-5223 with any additional questions. We can also assist with any of your shipping requirements. 

At our dealership, we strive to accurately describe our vehicles through text descriptions and elaborate photos. When you purchase a pre-owned vehicle it is not a new vehicle. Any used vehicle can have normal wear and blemishes. Before placing a bid please read the descriptions thoroughly and view all pictures.

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Fleiner Automotive Co.

Fleiner Automotive Co.

3443 West 43rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90008

Adam Fleiner
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Features & Options

Ext / Int Color
Black with Black Leather Interior
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Vehicle Condition

Service History
3,037 Miles
No Known Mechanical Problems
As-Is - Not covered by a warranty. Contact seller for details.
Condition Report
Excellent Interior
Excellent Carpets
Excellent Seats
Excellent Dashboard
Excellent Panels / Headliner
Excellent Exterior
Excellent Original Paint
Excellent Trim Condition
Excellent Glass Condition
No Visible Rust
No Known Accidents
No Known Bodywork
Fully Detailed
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